Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I'm Thankful For

The train I take to work happens to continue on to Logan Airport. Today, when I got on the platform to wait, I was surrounded by the same thing: college kids with their small wheeling suitcase, heading home for Thanksgiving. A good majority were from Boston University, as I could tell by their matching hoodies, and judging by their nervousness, not many of them had ventured out to the blue line train yet.

Last year at this time I was home, having flown a Tuesday red eye from Los Angeles to Hartford. At this very moment I was probably asleep on the couch, since those flights always left me in a zombe-like state for several hours after landing. This year I'm not even leaving until tomorrow, on Thanksgiving Day. That luxury is one of the biggest reasons that I moved back to the east coast in the first place.

A funny thing happened earlier this year. A good number of my friends in Los Angeles decided to move away. None of these people were California locals, all had moved out there in the past 5-7 years and had decided that their time out on the west coast had drawn to a close. The hassle of planning a trip home from Los Angeles was always difficult - needing to know so far in advance, then practically losing two of the days because of the travel - the visits always seemed a lot shorter than they actually were.

That's what I'm thankful for, in this most hectic of years. The move was incredibly strenuous and I do miss a lot of close friends from California, but I wouldn't change what I've done for the world. I'm thankful for being closer to my family, living with my wonderful girlfriend and settling in to this new life of ours. I'm even thankful to be preparing for the dreadfully cold winter which will surely kill me.

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mykill said...

I'm thankful you moved away too.