Monday, November 3, 2008

MBTA Guilt Trip

This morning apparently there was an issue on the blue line train where a passenger was holding the door open in order for someone else to make it on to their train. The driver became exceedingly angry and this is how it progressed:

"Please do not hold the door."
Fine, a nice verbal warning over the public address system. The typical warning should teach him. Assuming he heard it, we should be ready to roll.

"Why don't you just tell me when you're ready to leave?"
Stepping it up, the driver is now utilizing the same guilt tactics that most Jewish mothers have perfected over the years. The door shut soon after this was said over the speaker for everyone to hear.

Once the train started moving, we were all privy to this gem:
"Everyone on this train is now going to be late because of you. Do not hold the doors open."

Harsh. I guess there's no reward for trying to help your fellow commuter.

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