Friday, November 21, 2008

Emerson Quidditch Team

Emerson, Boston University clash in Quidditch

Yes, my alma mater has a Quittitch team.

No, they can't fly -- I think they are aware of that. I guess it would have to be considered similar to playing hockey in sneakers, on pavement. You're not moving around on the right surface, or as fast as you should be, but it's more like kids pretending to do something their own way.

I'm curious as to how the golden snitch works. I think maybe they hide it in the grass like an easter egg. Maybe someone in a full body camoflauge or green screen suit runs around holding it and they have to chase him. Maybe when the game gets too long, someone just chucks it up in the air and the seekers go apeshit chasing it down.

Apparently they have a well constructed plan: "In muggle Quidditch, a snitch is a person dressed in yellow with a sock hanging from the back of their pants. If a team's seeker is able to catch the snitch and grab the sock, the team is awarded 30 points; games do not end until it is caught."

Yeah. So the snitch is a person. And to win you must pull the sock out of his pants. That will teach him to mislead the ladies in the first place. Either way, I wish them luck in their next two games at the University of Narnia and home against Mordor State.

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