Friday, December 5, 2008

The Dan Band Show

Last night was the Dan Band show at the Roxy. It was pretty awesome. They played a lot of the stuff from their live album and also some new ones - including a Shakira medley and the Pussycat Dolls. There was a strong focus on Christmas music -- the shirts even said "Ho!" on them.

The highlight of the night was when Dan began singing Shoop. He did the usual intro a la Salt n Peppa, you know, the whole "Not you, the bow-legged one... what's your name?" routine. After he said "What's your name?" he stuck the microphone right in my face, so I said "Paul." True to form, he went on with the song and said "Daaamn, that sounds sexy." That's what you get when you're up against the stage.

Here's a video treat:

For some reason, the audio sync is a little off on the video I took last night, but you get the idea. People were really pumped up for the song and singing along, so you can get the general idea. I'm sure there will be other stuff from the show on Youtube, there were a ton of people with cameras just as close to the stage as I was.

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