Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Format, New Title?

My new year’s resolution is to sustain this blog in a more consistent fashion. Since the move to Boston it’s been on and off at best, never more than once or twice a month. The new plan is to post every Friday. It will give me a chance to think about things to write during the week and get them up in time for people to read them over the weekend.

How am I going to maintain this new goal? I’m going to have a completely new format which will involve non-fiction anecdotes of things that have actually occurred in my life. This is obviously a nod to becoming a very big fan of This American Life and other anecdotal non-fiction writing over the past year. It really started to develop in my head when my girlfriend and I were sitting around with the neighbors exchanging some funny stories about bad roommate experiences. The thing is, I used to enjoy writing a lot. I even tried to write a few screenplays and spec scripts once I was out of school and living in Los Angeles. Somewhere along the way I lost my love for this hobby. I think I was too concerned with getting people to read them and trying to sell things than I was with trying to actually write because I liked writing. I liked storytelling. Hopefully this new style blog will help jumpstart my writing again.

Now, the business at hand: I need a new title. PLurie Thoughts will no longer suffice, as these are going to be stories instead of general thoughts. There are enough blogs that are opinionated and your average day to day routine. Give me a hand and help me think of a new title. Put it in a comment for this entry, or e-mail me your suggestions.


Jacob Wake Up! said...

How about "Plur-alism" or something of that sort. Or "The Plurist."

Yeah, all I got are bad puns.

Nathan W said...

Maybe your title could derive from a particular theme or perspective you tend to have on life, perhaps your sense of humor or the way you see things. And not necessarily a title designed to make people read your blog or sell anything, because that's not why you're writing.

Elana said...

I thought you were keeping

mykill said...


That's my vote!