Monday, June 30, 2008

Live from Cleveland: Updates

Just updated the first three entries of the trip with some stories and more pictures. Should have time to work on the other days when there is more down time over here. Just wanted to give it the appropriate bump to direct your attention that way.

We've been in Cleveland about four days already and most of that time has been spent helping to get things ready for the wedding. Cutting and folding programs, tying ribbons, punching holes, making signs, moving boxes, you name it... we've done it. It's been fun, but very stressful as you can imagine.

There was a wedding of a family friend on Sunday, so that night everyone was able to get out of the house and have some fun. Nothing relieves the stress like a few hours on the dance floor and an open bar. It was a good dry run, but the real deal on Thursday will be very different, since it will be so many more familiar people (to me at least, I'm sure the Kramers knew everyone there).

A few more days in Cleveland. Hoping to see the Christmas Story house, but it's only open from Thursday to Sunday, which could pose a problem. All in all it's been a pleasant visit thus far, we're just all crossing our fingers for the rain to stay away on Thursday.

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