Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Beginnings

I've had several attempts at blogging in the past. Most of my previous entries came on myspace, and having googled my name, I came up with a few other ones, including these gems:

http://pluriela.blogspot.com/ and http://pluriethoughts.blogspot.com/

Since I'm debating getting rid of myspace, I thought it would be worth it to set up a new one that I might actually update on a frequent basis. And it's not just because I forgot the log in passwords and e-mail addresses that I used to set up those two. Well, partly because of that.

This year is all about new beginnings, and not just on the blog front. I'm packing up the car and moving back east to Boston, MA. My girlfriend Lindy and I have a nice apartment in Brighton and neither of us have jobs. It should be an adventure.

I just got a new (used) camera for the road trip. I have four days of work left and seven days left in Los Angeles total. It's funny to think about all the things you try and cram in to the last couple of days that you spend at a place. In four and a half years I've had plenty of time to do everything that I wanted, but now that time is winding down, it's just a little more urgent.

I guess I'm trying to fit in more people than places, but it's not a big deal. I know I'll be back.

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mykill said...

The only thing you should "cram" is "it with walnuts, ugly".