Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gino Time

The Celtics clinched the NBA title last night, culminating the season of the "Big Three" with a championship. Everyone was well aware of the Big Three, but I think I was most impressed this season with Rajon Rondo. Being the young, unknown point guard on a star studded team like this could have caused any player to buckle under the pressure, but he held strong the whole season and put up an impressive stat line last night. It was great to see Ray Allen, my favorite player since middle school, finally win the big one. For all the talk of his slumping during the playoffs, he ended up shooting 7-9 from three point range during last nights game. I lost count of how many wide open shots he was given last night. The answer: too many.

As happy as I was, nobody is happier to have that trophy than Glen "Big Baby" Davis:

I'm sure there are people who are happier, but nobody has a funnier picture with the trophy. Davis has been a great player to watch, always giving the biggest hustle whenever he is put in, despite not looking the part. He often reminds me of the Mike Myers SNL character who isn't allowed to have chocolate because when he eats it he can dislodge the entire jungle gym and pull it down a city street. Glen Davis is a little kid who can summon super human strength when the time comes, and if he's given a snickers bar.

There you have it. Your 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics.

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A-Face said...

I remember that character.
He called Nicole Kidman the devil because her character gave him chocolate and freaked out.
MMM Chocolate...I mean trophy.