Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wait, I have a blog?

Oops. I guess I jumped into the real shallow end (see above) and I just haven't remembered to post on here. Well, you know, it happens to all of us. Things start happening in your life and suddenly you forget about something. If you think this delay is bad, you should see my fantasy baseball league. I don't think I've checked that since May, just because there's been too much going on with moving. I bet I still have Curt Schilling as a starting pitcher.

Lindy and I are in Boston, getting nicely settled. We've got the basics covered: bed, couch, tv, bookshelves. We're looking for a desk for the computer still; as I type now it's balanced on top of two boxes that have clothes in them in order to stay weighed down.

Oh, and jobs. Jobs would be nice. Should know by tomorrow about one I applied for. Expect another blog about that, and I'm sure my general tone should be able to clue you in on what the results were.

Off to another humid Sunday morning.

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Lisa said...

do you miss drink specials?