Tuesday, October 21, 2008

... and we're back

Almost three months to the day and I'm back in the blogosphere.

I guess there were more pressing issues since my last post in July.
  1. Find a job
  2. Furnish/settle in to an apartment.

Okay, well maybe the list wasn't entirely long, but those are pretty important in the grand scheme of things. I was able to finish list item number one twice, working for Boston Duck Tours during the end of summer and beginning of fall before starting a more permanent job over at the New England Aquarium. I'm a supervisor of box office, so it's a lot of ticketing - for the whale watch, groups, Imax and actual aquarium.

I have a bunch of half-finished blog entries that I've started months ago when I was still in Los Angeles, so hopefully theres going to be time to get a few of those good ones up in the future. In the mean time, things are good in Boston. I've got a job, an apartment, a new kickball team and a girlfriend who loves me. And now I have a blog that is going to be updated occasionally. Huzzah.

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Larkin said...

Good, I've been waiting for updates.